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We are very proud to announce that we received Weddingwire’s Couples Choice Award for 2018 and look forward to this year.

It can be overwhelming planning such a special day and we want to be there for you so you don’t have to worry so much.

It is often overlooked what impact entertainment for your wedding can have.  An Emcee or DJ often sets the tone of the environment,  helps coordinate your reception, and provides entertainment for your guests.  In fact, when asked, 81% of Brides asked after their wedding reported that they would have taken more time in choosing their entertainment.  Modern Bride Magazine reports that typically 5% of a wedding budget is dedicated to entertainment, but nearly twice amount as people will remember your entertainment and the job they did for you.

Often, when couples come to us they are overwhelmed by the whole process and we are here help in any way we can.  We want your event to be worry free as possible and help you celebrate one of the best days of your life.  With the mindset of not every event is equal, we work throughout the year to make your wedding be what you have always wanted.  Dynamic Entertainment provides only seasoned and well-trained DJs for your event.  We do not change who your DJ is at the last minute and put this in writing who your DJ is.

Dynamic Entertainment doesn’t stop there and can provide other services to you to help specialize your wedding.  One service that continues to grow is monogram lighting.  It enables you to project your customized image to most services.  This effect offers an extra touch of class and provides a stunning effect to wow your guests.  Several times throughout the year we are asked to and provide a extra sound system for wedding ceremonies.   We also can provide video projection services for clients and continues to be a growing service for our business.  Often couples want to show a slide show of their journey together, or have a tribute to special family members who are no longer with us.

When hiring a DJ, we suggest you consider the following tips for hiring a DJ

1)    Meet personally with the DJ you are considering hiring.  This may be simple, but people are often different in person than over the phone.

2)   Who will be the DJ at my event?   Too many stories have been told by couples of meeting a DJ that they liked enough to hire and share their special day to find out that the company they hired sent someone else not familiar to them or their needs.  The best way to address this issue is ask the DJ company to put in the contract who will be your DJ.

3)    Ask what preparations your DJ makes prior to the event and what their back-up plans are in case something goes wrong with their equipment, etc.  This is rare, but it will make you feel much better on the day of your wedding knowing that your DJ is well prepared.

4)  Be careful of specials and high pressure tactics to get you to sign a contract with a company.  These companies are more interested in getting the sale than providing the service you desire.

5) How accessible is the DJ to us?  This is one of the most important things we hear from brides, but probably one of the most important for a successful event.

6)  Does your DJ have liability insurance?