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We always take a lot of pride when being selected to be a part of one of the most important and memorable days of someone’s life.  Every wedding is unique and special to the bride and groom, and there is no one size fits all for this incredible type of day. Entertainment isn’t always the highest priority when it comes to all the different parts of planning that a wedding entails, however it is one that ties everything together when the ceremony is over, and the reception is about to begin.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and you want to be sure that you and your vendors all collaborate and work well together.  You want to have people that are as excited as you about your big day, and you want to feel that excitement and energy flow through the entire night.  Our staff will meet with you prior to your big day, and we are positive that you will immediately see why we are considered the most dynamic in the industry!

When you select your entertainment, you want to be sure that you are working with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable just as much as skilled and energetic. All of our team goes through a process to be delegated with the Master of Ceremonies title using the Marbecca system.  This provides specific training to be talented entertainers as well as educated wedding professionals. While there aren’t many that go through this training, we know it is important to be the best in the business in every aspect so we can be your top choice when you choose your entertainment.

the owner of Pickett dynamic in a wedding

Every wedding that we have luckily been part of has been special and unique.  Why should yours be any different?  It is often overlooked what impact entertainment can have on such an important day.   That is why when asked, 81% of Brides asked after their wedding reported that they would have taken more time in choosing their entertainment.  Modern Bride Magazine reports that typically 5% of a wedding budget is dedicated to entertainment, but nearly twice amount as people will remember your entertainment and the job they did for you.

Many companies state they can be a Emcee or DJ for your event, but this term is often misleading because of the lack of experience and skill.  Our company operates on being a true Master of Ceremonies for you.  To help us achieve this level of service, we are participants in the Marbecca system.  Very few companies take the time or expense to receive the training.  We also attend DJ and Wedding related conferences throughout the year to keep fresh and trends and to expand our skill set.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and by choosing a skilled Master of Ceremonies makes your less worrisome and will enhance your day greatly.  It begins with working with our clients well before your date to make sure yours dreams and wishes are carried out. 

Often couples are seeking other services to add something extra special on their day.  One service that continues to grow is monogram lighting.  It enables you to project your customized image to most services.  This effect offers an extra touch of class and provides a stunning effect to wow your guests.  Several times throughout the year we are asked to and provide an extra sound system for wedding ceremonies with lavalier microphones.   We also can provide video projection services for clients and continues to be a growing service for our business.  Often couples want to show a slide show of their journey together, or have a tribute to special family members who are no longer with us.

two man and a woman celebrating in a wedding organized by Pickett dynamic

When hiring a DJ, we suggest you consider the following tips for hiring a DJ

  •  Meet personally with the DJ you are considering hiring.  This may sound simple, but people are often different in person than over the phone.

  • Who will be the DJ at my event?   Too many stories have been told by couples of meeting a DJ that they liked enough to hire and share their special day to find out that the company they hired sent someone else not familiar to them or their needs.  The best way to address this issue is ask the DJ company to put in the contract who will be your DJ.

  • Ask what preparations your DJ makes prior to the event and what their back-up plans are in case something goes wrong with their equipment, etc.  Things happen and it is important to know how your entertainment if prepared for issues and how they would respond under stress.   We strive to help our couples have a worry free day and by asking this question will make you feel much better on the day of your wedding knowing that your DJ is well prepared.

  •  Be careful of specials and high pressure sales techniques to get you to sign a contract with a company.  These companies are more interested in getting the sale than providing the service you desire.

  •  How accessible is the DJ to us?  This is one of the most important things we hear from brides, but probably one of the most important for a successful event.

  • Does your DJ have liability insurance?